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PCC secures an extra £3.8m funding from the Government for recruitment of new police officers

  • Last Updated: 15-03-2024 at 08:03

Further police officers will be recruited in Lincolnshire after the County’s Police and Crime Commissioner secured an extra £3.8m funding from the Government.

The money comes after PCC Marc Jones obtained an agreement for more financial support from the Government in the wake of the decision to create a new immigration facility at Scampton.

It means funding will be provided to Lincolnshire Police which will enable a recruitment of officers to go ahead this Autumn as well as to invest in digital advancements to help prevent and tackle crime across the county.

The deal was confirmed in letters sent to Chief Constable Chris Haward and Mr Jones signed by Home Secretary Suella Braverman, Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick and Policing Minister Chris Philp.

Mr Jones, supported by senior officers from Lincolnshire Police, has spent weeks negotiating with senior ministers to secure additional financial support for the Force after the decision to accommodate asylum-seekers at the former RAF base in Scampton in addition to continuing to make the case for vital reforms to the core funding of the Force.

The extra cash has been provided in two separate payments – one of £1.8m specifically to support the Force in meeting the challenges presented by the Home Office decision to utilise RAF Scampton and a further £2m to invest is the ongoing digital transformation of Lincolnshire Police.

The aim is to continue the advancements in cutting edge technology within the Force which allows officers to spend less time at their desk processing and more time being visible in the community preventing and tackling crime.

“I am extremely grateful for the time and effort the minsters and officials have devoted to working with us on these challenges and their obvious willingness to listen and respond to our case,” said Mr Jones.

“I also want to thank the Lincolnshire MPs, whose support and lobbying has been invaluable in this process.

“The financial support offered means the Chief Constable can recruit front-line officers for Lincolnshire and continue in keeping our communities feeling and being safe. We are acutely aware of the heightened concerns of residents in and around the Scampton area and this funding will allow the Chief Constable to support those communities.

“This additional money is excellent news for Lincolnshire but it does not mean the force is immune from cost pressures and tough financial decisions.

“Until the long-term financial issues are addressed through a new national police funding formula, tough decisions continue to be required. Residents can rest assured however that the Chief Constable and I will continue to manage the budgets carefully and ensure that keeping our communities safe will always be the number one priority.”

Chief Constable Chris Haward said: “We are pleased that Ministers and officials have recognised the immediate need for enhanced funding for policing in Lincolnshire given the nature of the challenges that we face and in the context of our ongoing funding situation.

“I am very pleased that we will be able to continue with our plans for the recruitment of police officers, that we can prepare for any impact of the asylum-seeker accommodation at Scampton,  whilst also investing in transformation that will be design to support front line delivery.

“I am committed to ensuring that this funding is invested wisely to keep our communities in Lincolnshire safe. We will continue to engage with Minsters and officials in our desire to secure sustainable funding for Lincolnshire Police going forward.”