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My local policing team

Find information and contact details for your local policing team


Local police on social media

Local neighbourhood policing teams have social media platforms and post regularly. Sharing this content will mean that even if a few people actually see a police car or meet an officer on the street, everyone feels reassured that there’s a police presence in the community.

Boosting community confidence in police response to concerns and incidents will in turn empower residents to report information, confident that their intelligence is making a difference.

Find your local policing team on social media


Lincolnshire Police on Next Door

Nextdoor is a free, social networking platform where neighbours can connect to build stronger, safer and happier communities.

Alongside updates from your local area, Lincolnshire Police are using Nextdoor to engage with the communities by issuing:

  • Safety advice
  • Urgent alerts
  • Appeals for information
  • Good news stories
  • Advertising events

Find out more about Lincolnshire Police on Nextdoor and how to sign up