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Public Assurance Meetings

Public Assurance Meetings are one of the primary mechanisms by which the PCC meets his statutory responsibility to hold the Chief Constable to account. The meetings focus on the performance of Lincolnshire Police and provide assurance regarding the effectiveness and efficiency of policing services.

More information about the Public Assurance Meeting can be found in this Terms of Reference document.

The next Public Assurance Meeting will take place on 18th December between 13:30-16:00 via an internal video conference.

The previous meetings have been recorded and uploaded to the Police and Crime Commissioner's YouTube account

The associated papers for the Public Assurance Meeting that will be held on the 18th December 2023 are available below.


Agenda Item 5 - Public Assurance Meeting Dashboard

Agenda Item 6a - Violence Against Women and Girls - Independent Assurance Panel - Chair's Report and Recommendations

Agenda Item 6b - Force Response to Report (to follow)


For more information on how to submit a question, please see below.


Public Questions

The meeting provides an opportunity for the public to submit questions for the Chief Constable, about force performance. 

View guidance on how to ask a question


Previous Meetings

View documents and recordings of previous Public Assurance Meetings


Public Assurance Meeting Archive

Public Assurance Meeting Archive

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How to ask a question

Guidance on how to ask a question at a Public Assurance Meeting

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Archive of Public Questions

Archive of Public Questions

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