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Policing: how it works

The page gives you an overview of the role of the Police and Crime Commissioner and how it fits in to the policing landscape.

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The Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC)- Marc Jones

The PCC sets public priorities and works with the Chief Constable to deliver safer communities

The PCC listens to the public and is accountable through election

The PCC makes sure that Lincolnshire’s public voices are hears in policy and funding decisions

Roles of the Police and Crime Commissioner

  • Be the public’s representative on and to policing locally, regionally and nationally
  • Appoint the Chief Constable and hold them to account for running the Force
  • Publish and deliver a Police and Crime Plan, setting the policing, crime and criminal justice objectives for Lincolnshire
  • Consult with the public on council tax levels for policing and set that level annually
  • Bring together community safety and criminal justice partners to ensure public spending priorities are met where possible
  • Receive funding from the ministry of justice to deliver local victim support services
  • Influence the making and changing of legislation to ensure the views of Lincolnshire residents are reflected


The Chief Constable - Chris Haward

The Chief Constable advises the PCC on strategy and budget

The Chief Constable controls and sets the direction of Lincolnshire Police

Roles of the Chief Constable

  • Operationally independent leader of Lincolnshire Police
  • Accountable to the PCC for the overall performance of Lincolnshire Police
  • Responsible for operational policing decisions
  • Plan and implement the use of the budget against the public’s priorities (set by the PCC)
  • Responsible for the deployment of Officers, staff and resources across the County to keep the public safe
  • Make Lincolnshire the safest place to live, work and visit


Lincolnshire Police

Lincolnshire Police respond to nation consultations and inspections from the Government

Lincolnshire Police are led by the Chief Constable

Roles of Lincolnshire Police

  • Tackle and prevent crime
  • Protect people from harm
  • Supports those in need


The Public

The Public pay taxes to the Government

The public raise concerns and priorities to the PCC

The Public pay the council tax precept to the PCC

Roles of the Public

  • Elect the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC)
  • Influence PCC and Police spending and policy priorities through consultation, meeting, correspondence and annual survey
  • Pay council tax (15% of which goes to local policing)
  • Pay national taxes. Roughly 50% of police funding comes from council tax; the other 50% from national grant.


The Government

The Government allocates Home Office funding for policing to the PCC

The Government allocates Ministry of Justice funding for victim support services to the PCC

Roles of the Government

  • Consult with PCCs and Chief Constables on new and revised law changes
  • Pass laws and set national priorities
  • Work with PCCs and Chief Constables to tackle national threats
  • Allocate national funding to PCCs towards policing costs