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Boston and South Holland Newsletter - September 2023

  • Last Updated: 31-01-2024 at 10:01

Activity in Boston and South Holland

This quarter has been about continuing to raise the profile of the work the Safer Together team do in supporting Marc Jones your Police and Crime Commissioner and updating the community on the wider activity of the rest of the office in areas such as extra funding being identified to support areas such as CCTV and Violence Against Women and Girls as well as supporting Lincolnshire Police. Community engagement is however also about listening and where issues are raised with me by the public I always make sure they are passed on and this could be to the local Neighbourhood Policing Team, the local council or indeed raised with Marc.

I have continued my monthly presence on both Boston and Spalding market and continue to be joined by Karen from St Barnabas Hospice but during September I was also joined in Boston by Theresa Garcia from the Lincolnshire Domestic Abuse Support service and Dominika Ozga-Gruszka from the NHS. If your own organisation would like to join me on the market then just let me know. I am of course also looking for any opportunity to engage with partners and the public so if you have any events planned in the next few months that I can support then please let me know.

In July the team had an opportunity to have a stand at the RAF Cranwell families day which proved to be a great success, following which I accompanied Marc to his meeting with South Holland District Council members where along with the Superintendent and Insp Nick Waters they were updated on policing issues.

Alcohol  Awareness Week in July was supported in Boston by attendance in the market place along with the Neighbourhood Policing Team and work in this area also continues with the Community Alcohol Partnerships in Boston and Spalding.

Also in July I had an interesting morning shadowing the staff in Victim Lincs and learning about how they support victim of crime. A really important job and very dedicated staff.

Of course my usual meetings have continued over this quarter including work with veterans, Boston Central Neighbourhood Action Group, Boston Community Leaders and Neighbourhood Policing Teams.

Crime and Policing Consultation

This is a request in advance for the Crime and Policing Consultation which will start towards the end of October and finish early December.

I am in the process of identifying opportunities where I can consult with the public and seek there views on their perceptions of crime and safety as these will feed back to the Police and Crime Commissioner and help shape the future for policing in Lincolnshire.

Whilst I have many locations already identified can I please ask if you have any forthcoming events or activities that would allow me to engage with people you let me know? I would particularly like to engage with some of our harder to reach groups and our surveys can be completed online, on paper or one to one on a tablet. Please don’t forget your own staff as can I can always call in to see you.


It has been noticeable over the last three months the number of warnings we have been putting out on scams on Lincs Alert, in fact the latest warning was particularly cruel as it was aimed at people who had already been scammed and offered them a way to get their money back.

Scam emails should be forwarded to The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) will be able to investigate the scam and may be able to prevent other people from being targeted. You can also report scam emails to the email provider. On Gmail, click 'Report spam'. Google will receive a copy of the email and may analyse it.