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Sutton Bridge communities have their say about where they live

  • Last Updated: 30-04-2024 at 16:04

The World Café event in Sutton Bridge saw a great turn out last week, with around 50 members of the community attending to have their say about where they live.

The event, which took place at the Curlew Centre on Saturday 11 September, was designed to get people talking over cake and drinks about the issues they face in the area and how they can overcome them together.

Folk of all ages took part in the lively conversations which featured a wide range of subjects, including youth centres, the community wood and even discussions about wheelie bins.

If you attended you will have seen our Safer Together Co-ordinator for Boston and South Holland, Alan Osborne supporting the event alongside the Neighbourhood Policing Team and partners - all of which were all keen to find out:

  • What do local people like about living in Sutton Bridge?
  • What do local people dislike about living in Sutton Bridge?
  • How do communities think the area could be improved?

Alan felt the event was a real positive for the area, with a good representation of local residents. He said: “ It was great to see local residents getting involved in talking about the issues that were important to them. This was very much a community event, with those attending engaging and giving voice to a range of ideas of how to change things in Sutton Bridge.

"At the end of the event it was clear that people were very positive in the way the event had been run and that their views had been listened too."

Comments from some of those attending included:

“This is what we’ve got to do – encourage people to come together and get stuff done and not think that someone else is going to improve things”

“ I think it was eye-opening for many people”

The next step is for the information to be collated and then shared with the wider community and partners, highlighting what the community feel are issues.

This was one of four events that took place in Lincolnshire this month, with other events in Skegness, Sleaford and Gainsborough South-West Ward.

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