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Safer Together Newsletter - July 2022

  • Last Updated: 03-01-2023 at 15:01

As your Safer Together Team Coordinator for West Lindsey and Lincoln, I remain in touch with your local Neighbourhood Policing Teams, providing feedback from communication and engagement with local communities, as well as understanding the key issues they are dealing with.

It is really helpful to hear your voice – it influences change and helps me to inform the Police and Crime Commissioner about what is happening across Lincoln and West Lindsey

I attend a number of meetings with partner agencies and have remain involved in correspondence from Lincoln City South and North Integrated Neighbourhood Working Groups and their Core Group Meeting.


Engagement in Welton

The local Neighbourhood Policing team in Welton identified concerns of doorstep crime, specifically at Stonecliff Park.

Roisin Mullee Safer Together Coordinator for East Lindsey, Sharon Hall from the Crime Prevention Team along with the NPT held a session on 30th June.

The aim was to provide residents with information on the most common fraud types and to help them feel more confident if they were targeted.  It was a successful evening with great conversations and a positive response from residents, we are looking to hold a similar session again in a few months due to its success. This event really highlights the positive impact of proactive policing and partnership working. A thank you to CBM Steve Toyn for organising the event.

To learn more about fraud prevention please visit;

To report incidents of fraud please visit;


999 BSL

A new service has launched to allow people to make 999 calls using British Sign Language (BSL) for the first time. The new service, 999 BSL, will allow deaf people to make emergency calls using an app or website, connecting callers with a BSL interpreter. It is free to use and operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The system, which launched in June, is the first time a 999 emergency service will be available in British Sign Language, though a similar process exists for the NHS 111 number. People who use the service will be put through to a BSL interpreter, who will then relay the conversation to a 999 operator. More information can be found at


Your voice is important to us!

Did you know that whilst the Safer Together Team are your voice to the Police and Crime Commissioner, we also feedback your views to Neighbourhood Policing Teams and partner agencies including councils?

How you can get involved?

Don’t forget you can be first to hear our news and activity in your area, as well as crime prevention and community safety messages by signing up to Lincolnshire Alert via


Engaging Young People

The report from our 2021/2022 Youth Commission is now available for reading at; – we have shared this with our partner agencies and are collating information on how the existing activities and recommendations are being moved forward.

We are now looking for young people aged 11 to 21 to have their say on local issues.  If you, or someone you know wants to join visit