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Safer Together Newsletter - October 2021

  • Last Updated: 07-07-2023 at 16:07

I  have been in post for Safer Together Coordinator for North and South Kesteven for the Office of Police and Crime for nine months now.

The lifting of the COVID restrictions has meant that I have been able to go out and engage with my local neighbourhood policing teams, as well as community groups, residents and partners. It has been great to finally meet people face to face and properly introduce myself. Community safety has been the main focus, making sure that you are given a say in what goes on in your community.

I have taken part in some events this quarter; you may have seen me at RAF Digby Family Day, Sleaford Fire and Rescue open day, and Mutual Gain World Café Event in Sleaford. I have been involved in meetings such as the neighbourhood policing priority setting meetings, North Kesteven Community Awards judging panel, and community development meetings for North Kesteven.

I have multiple meetings and projects I am working on in the next quarter which I am very excited for! Keep your eye out on the OPCC's social media.


A smiling Maisie in the sunshine wearing a Lincolnshire Police helmet on her head

RAF Digby Family Day: Trying on Police Hats with the children


Lincolnshire Alert - are you signed up?

Mobile phone superimposed over an image of Spalding. Mobile phone shows the Lincolnshrie Alert logo. Bold text reads: helping you staf safe. Keeping you informed. Giving you a voice.

The team use Lincolnshire Alert to:

  • Keep you informed about local news and community safety information for your area
  • Help you stay safe by sharing crime prevention advice
  • Give you a voice. We want to know your opinions and understand the needs and issues affecting your community.

You can reply to our messages and complete surveys to speak directly to us.

Sign up to Lincolnshire Alert


Mutual Gain: Sleaford

A World Café event in Sleaford Town Centre had a great turn out.

A brilliant event in where the community could come together and have their say about what they think is needed/ needs to change.

The event, which took place at the Carres Grammar School on Saturday 11th September,  was designed to involve the community in open and honest conversations about where they live. Attendees talked about what they want to see change, the issues they face in the area and how as a community they can collectively overcome them.

People of all ages took part in engaging conversations which hosted a variety of subjects including a community centre, traffic calming, combatting antisocial behaviour, and increasing social responsibility.

The three questions the public were asked were: What do you feel makes a community safe? What could make a safer Sleaford? What can we do as a community to make it better?

A large board displays colourful handwriting under the title 'Sleaford Speaks'. Hand drawn images of building and multi-coloured handwriting shows the views given by the community of the day.


Reporting crime

It is important that when you see crime in your community you are not only reporting the crime, but using the correct reporting method. This means that the crime is dealt with in the correct way.

999 is for emergencies, whilst 101 is the non emergency line. Online reporting can also be used If the crime is not an emergency.

If you're not sure whether to call 101 or use the online reporting tool, go to Lincolnshire Police's website. The 'Reporting and Advice Centre' provides answers and advice on some of the most common topics, as well as access to their online crime reporting service.


Priority setting meetings

Quarterly, I attend Lincolnshire Polices Neighbourhood Policing Teams Priority Setting Meetings.

This is a meeting where the Force and other Partners, such as council representatives discuss what priorities should be in the area. This is based on crime stats, as well as community thoughts and work in the area.

North Kesteven priorities: drug use/supply, antisocial behaviour and vehicle nuisance

South Kesteven priorities: antisocial behaviour


Get in touch

Please contact me about any events in your area that I maybe able to attend. I love engaging with my community and its great to meet local community groups and residents!

Twitter: @MaisieMcMSTC